BPM 2015 - Chauvet Main Arena AV Set

Here's the full AV set from this years BPM, Main Arena on Sunday 13th September

MARRS vs Star Trek - Pump Up The Volume
The Weeknd vs Tom Cruise vs Obama - I Can't Feel My Face (VG Edit)
Deep Purple vs Public Enemy - Bring The Smoke On The Water (VG Mashup)
Sugarhill Gang vs Brian Williams - Rappers Delight (VG Edit)
Format B - Chunky (VG Edit)
Kideko - The Jam (VG Edit)
USURA - Open Your Mind (VG Edit)
Run DMC vs White Chicks - It's Tricky (Donk Edit)
Jorge Perez & Patax - Bottom Percussion
Hot 8 Brass Band - Sexual Healing (VG Edit)
Carly Simon vs Major Lazer - Why Lean On Me (VG Mashup)
Beyonce ft Jay Z - Crazy In Love (Groove Dealers Twerk Mix) (VG Edit)
Digital Underground vs The Muppets - The Humpty Dance
Busta Rhymes ft Nicki Minaj - Twerk (VG Transition Edit)
Video Geeks vs Top Gun
Shirley Ellis - The Name Game (VG Edit)
Fatboy Slim vs The Minions - Despicable Skank (VG Mashup)

BPM Main Arena Showcase Set

We're playing a showcase Video DJ set at BPM, Birmingham on Sunday 13th September 12:30pm.

Tickets are available here.

BPM Main Arena 2015